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Thank you for your visit to our website and welcome to Inobone Co., Ltd. The quality of human life has benefited so much from the various developments in the health care industry. Many developed countries,
including Korea, are rapidly developing bone grafting materials to meet the demand of an increasing aging society as more people
became susceptible to accidents and health conditions, such as musculoskeletal disorders.

Several kinds of biomaterials currently exist for clinical applications including natural materials derived from the patients’ own bone(autografts),
cadaveric bones(allografts) and animal bones(xenograft), Although autografts remain to be the golden standard. It is still hindered by
the increased pain and multiple operations for patients as well as availability. As for allografts and xenografts, cases of diseases, transfection
and immunological rejection limit their application. For synthetic bone graft material, the lack of clinical consensus towards its use,
even with the excellent stability in pre-clinical tests, limits the market expansion.

INOBONE developed FRABONE® & QBON® as a result of world class
research and development in ceramics, bone graft substitutes and tissue
regeneration. The products received the New Excellent Technology award
from the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare as a bone graft substitute.

The NET award was given to recognize the manufacturing technology used to
simultaneously satisfy the mechanical strength and porosity of an excellent bone
substitute and the manufacturing technology of biodegradation-controlled
structures with porous structures.

FRABONE® simultaneously satisfies the mechanical strength and
porosity of an excellent bone graft material. The unique structure of FRABONE®
uses the micro-channels to mimic the Haversian Canals of natural bones
to provide angiogenesis and bone cell adhesion,
thereby inducting rapid bone formation.

QBON® has a structure in which ECM-like hydrogel is coated on a
synthetic bone scaffold that mimics human cancellous bone.
It has an excellent porous structure, which is very advantageous for early
angiogenesis and realizes excellent bone regeneration.

This innovation now attracts a lot of attention from the
orthopedics and dental health care market.

INOBONE aims to be the world leader in bone graft substitutes and tissue
regeneration through the continuous technological research and development
of innovative solutions for the betterment of mankind.

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